In our attempts to remain at the forefront of the Construction and Precast/Prestressed Concrete Industry in the region, we have forged alliances with international organizations through various memberships. We are proud members of:

  • associations-NPCA
    The National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA)
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    Founded in 1965, NPCA is an international trade association, which represents manufacturers of plant – produced precast concrete products as well as Companies that provide the supplies, equipment and services to create these products.  NPCA’s dedication is to expand the use of quality precast concrete by providing industry leadership while supporting members’ success, and identifying challenges and valuable opportunities. The association provides educational and networking opportunities for the over 1100 Companies it represents.


  • associations-PCI
    The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)
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    Since its inception in 1954, PCI has become a dynamic influence in the steady growth of the expanding industry of prestressed and precast concrete. With its headquarters in Chicago, PCI has gained members worldwide. PCI is committed to promoting greater understanding of the uses and design of precast and prestressed concrete, while encouraging excellence in the manufacture of these materials. Its efforts are directed in the areas of design methods, training and quality assurance, new technology, product innovation and any other areas if interest to their members.


  • associations-FIB
    Federation International Du Be’ ton / International Federation of Structural Concrete (FIB)
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    Preconco limited is extremely proud to be a sponsoring member of fib. Fib is a non-profit organization whose objectives include the international development of the study of matters both scientific and practical, which are capable of advancing the aesthetic, environmental and technical performance of concrete construction.  Formed in 1998 after the merger of two Companies, Euro-International Concrete Committee (CEB) and the International Federation for Precasting (FIP) which existed independently since 1952, Fib has vast experience in the field they wish to develop.

  • associations-SMA
    The Spancrete Manufacturers Association (SMA)
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    Since 1960, the Spancrete Manufacturers’ Association has helped garner the attention of the construction industry in the most economical, durable and versatile building ever… precast and prestressed concrete. The Association has become a resource for testing, engineering, research and technological advancements in the manufacture and use of precast and prestressed construction elements. Spancrete Manufacturers’ Association has a worldwide network of committed Spancrete hollowcore professionals and its newer Companies have installed over a billion square feet of Spancrete precast and prestressed hollowcore planks, beams, columns, wall panels and double tees to date.