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Location Preconco Limited is situated on fifteen acres of land in Lears, St. Michael. It is five minutes from Warrens and in close proximity to the St. Thomas parish border.
Contact Telephone: (246) 430-0371 Fax: (246) 228-9361 Email:
Mailing Address Preconco Limited Lears Quarry, Lears, St. Michael Barbados, West Indies

Directions from the airport

  1. Drive West on the ABC Highway to the Hothersal Roundabout.
  2. Exit right at the round about and drive to Kelsi’s Supermarket.
  3. Take the right turn by the supermarket and proceed straight to the roundabout.
  4. Exit left at the roundabout and take the second right turn.
  5. Upon turning right, keep right and drive to the gate.
  6. You will see the Preconco sign affixed to the front of our building.


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